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TANGO BUENOS AIRES HOTEL - HOTEL & APART IN DOWNTOWN CAPITAL FEDERAL is distinguished by large rooms with delicate terracotta ceramic floor printing a hallmark of warmth.

The ceramic floors guarantee a deep cleaning. The hygiene is maximized in every ambient.

The rooms of TANGO BUENOS AIRES HOTEL IN UNIVERSITY AREA - HOTEL & APART are provided with beds with spring mattress. The design of our beds is unsurpassed, as their super -comfort guarantee a very good rest. The mattresses are periodically rotated so as to keep them in an optimum state.

Although Buenos Aires possesses a pleasant climate without bad weather conditions, the rooms have air-conditioning and ceiling fan.

Large windows to open space facilitate a great aeration and luminosity, very important elements for a building situated right in the middle of the downtown Capital Federal.

The front view rooms of the building of TANGO BUENOS AIRES HOSTEL IN THE CITY CENTRE OF CAPITAL FEDERAL - HOTEL & APART ventilate on Presidente José Evaristo Uriburu Street, in front of Economic Sciences University.

From the windows of the front view of the building, it is possible to see HOUSSAY SQUARE, meeting point and rest area of students from nearby universities.

The rooms of the back side of the building of TANGO BUENOS AIRES ARGENTINA HOTEL - HOTEL & APART ventilate on an open basement of the block.

The neighbouring building at the back is at a distance of 60 metres from the TANGO BUENOS AIRES HOTEL IN UNIVERSITY AREA.

Double curtain of voile whose natural colour and pana material with cut naps, allows an optimum privacy and it is possible to regulate the intensity of light easily.

Every room of the TANGO BUENOS AIRES ARGENTINA HOTEL includes:

Private bathroom with hair dryer.

Cable TV and telephone.

To feel safe, an individual safe deposit box with a personal key, without additional charge. The TANGO HOTEL IN UNIVERSITY AREA OF CAPITAL FEDERAL, BUENOS AIRES, ARGENTINA - HOTEL & APART has got a great variety of rooms, since it has been conceived under a criterion of adaptability that could satisfy the different necessities of our guests.

Therefore, we have got rooms with two single beds, three individual beds, room with a double bed where there can be installed an extra individual bed. Room with four individual beds.

TANGO BUENOS AIRES ARGENTINA HOTEL has got two rooms apartments which are thought for a family, room with double bed, hall with two single beds, table, chair, kitchenette, refrigerator, microwave, equipment of tableware for four persons. TANGO BUENOS AIRES HOTEL, UNIVERSITY AREA OF CAPITAL FEDERAL is a building to be presented for the first time and it is a hotel that has been studied, including the guests ´necessities from a practical and modern criterion. The adaptability is one of our premises that permit, in these apartments, to prepare the combination of beds required for you.

It is worth mentioning that the loft of the TANGO DOWNTOWN BUENOS AIRES HOTEL which is situated at the last floor has got a balcony and terrace at the facade and at the back of the hotel, as well. It is quite luminous. Double bed or separate beds, it depends what decision the lodger may make. Dining room for six people, sitting room with small crystal table, armchair with one or two bodies upholstered in avant-gardist clothes, kitchenette, microwave, cooker with gas range and gas rings, fridge, air-conditioning. Quite ventilated by large windows which are facing each other and lead to the terrace balconies. Really and truly, an exquisite apartment that you will be able to appreciate in the pictures of the website of TANGO BUENOS AIRES ARGENTINA HOTEL - HOTEL AND APART.

THE HALL OF RESIDENCE OF TANGO BUENOS AIRES HOTEL - HOTEL AND APART owns exclusive floors for men, women and a floor for a fixed group of people.

The rooms are large and luminous. They are designed to give accommodation to two, three or four students.

Every student has a wardrobe and personal desk in the room.

Conceived as STUDENTS ´ACCOMMODATION, the hall of residence of TANGO BUENOS AIRES HOTEL has cookers equipped with gas oven, microwave, fridges and kitchen utensils, dining room with cable TV, reading room, everything available in each floor.

The bathrooms similar to the ones at clubs, also to share, have many sinks, bath showers and sanitary appliances to be easily used by students.

Ideally located in the middle of UNIVERSITY AREA, the TANGO BUENOS AIRES HOSTEL IN DOWNTOWN CAPITAL FEDERAL is situated a few metres from ECONOMICS SCIENCE UNIVERSITY, MEDICINE SCIENCE UNIVERSITY, ODONTOLOGY UNIVERSITY, PHARMACY AND BIOCHEMISTRY UNIVERSITY, SOCIAL SCIENCE UNIVERSITY. Each of these buildings belongs to BUENOS AIRES UNIVERSITY. It is also situated at a few blocks from Tucumán building of C.B.C.; Basic Common cycle for university students which is an entrance course to start state university education.

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