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TANGO BUENOS AIRES HOTEL - HOTEL & APART invites you to enjoy your stay in Buenos Aires in a building to be inaugurated, defined in a simple style of urban comfort, located in the heart of the UNIVERSITY AREA OF BUENOS AIRES DOWNTOWN CAPITAL FEDERAL in a quiet and safe atmosphere.

Whatever has motivated your trip to Buenos Aires, the TANGO BUENOS AIRES UNIVERSITY HOTEL IN BUENOS AIRES - HOTEL & APART, will give you every necessary information about the intense activity in BUENOS AIRES and ARGENTINA in connection with culture, art and commerce.

Our personnel are highly qualified to assist every necessity of national and foreign passengers who visit BUENOS AIRES for the first time.

We give lodging in TANGO BUENOS AIRES HOTEL IN DOWNTOWN CAPITAL FEDERAL - HOTEL & APART , to particular tourists and to representatives of the main companies settled down in the REPUBLIC OF ARGENTINA.

In a perfect position, you will be able to attend your business concern or enjoy your holidays in BUENOS AIRES because of being situated in one of the most important knot of communications of CAPITAL FEDERAL with numerous bus lines and two underground lines.

It is easy enough from here to arrive at the BUENOS AIRES CENTER, Recoleta, Colon Theater, Obelisco, National Congress building and the Airport of Buenos Aires city.

A few metres from here the "HOSPITAL THE CLINICAS JOSÉ DE SAN MARTÍN" is not only one of the most important hospital and school of the REPUBLIC OF ARGENTINA, but also the most prestigious hospital in LATINOAMERICA.

Large and luminous rooms, beds with spring mattress, higher comfort will guarantee a good rest and an excellent stay in BUENOS AIRES.

Furthermore, TANGO BUENOS AIRES - HOTEL & APART offers your children the possibility of being accommodated in its HALL OF RESIDENCE for university students if they want to study in Buenos Aires, in the UNIVERSITY AREA.

Roomy and comfortable installations are prepared to receive students from every region of our country and from abroad.

We have a study-room, dining room with cable TV, well equipped kitchen, wardrobe and individual writing desk in every room.

We offer fairly reasonable prices per day: U$S 20 in case of hostel for foreigners or $300 monthly rent, in both cases shared rooms.

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Uriburu Pte. Jose E. Nº 730 - Cap. Fed. - Buenos Aires - Argentina / Tel: (5411) 4953-9993