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The personalized attention is a constant feature in TANGO UNIVERSITY HOTEL - HOSTEL IN BUENOS AIRES, ARGENTINA. HOTEL & APART. A persistent control under the owners themselves. Our concern for details will guarantee your comfortable stay, inviting you to enjoy a warm and familiar atmosphere.


In TANGO BUENOS AIRES HOTEL, IN THE CITY CENTRE OF CAPITAL FEDERAL, BUENOS AIRES, ARGENTINA start your day with a big breakfast buffet in the breakfast room placed at the 7th. floor of the hotel. It has a balcony with a terrace at the front side of the building, overlooking the HOUSSAY SQUARE, the MEDICINE UNIVERSITY and the ECONOMIC SCIENCE UNIVERSITY. You will be able to help your self an excellent coffee, tea, milk, delicious croissants, cupcakes, orange juice, rolls, butter, doughnuts, ham, cheese, puddings will be available to sweeten your stay during the morning in the TANGO BUENOS AIRES HOSTEL IN ARGENTINA. HOTEL & APART.

TANGO BUENOS AIRES ARGENTINA HOTEL - HOTEL & APART is concerned with the cleanliness of your garments using our dry cleaner ´s and laundry service.

TANGO HOTEL IN UNIVERSITY AREA - HOTEL & APART offers journey and transfers without delay using our service of cars for hire in the area of CAPITAL FEDERAL and PROVINCE of BUENOS AIRES.

TANGO BUENOS AIRES ARGENTINA HOTEL provide with foreign exchange at a very good rate.

HOSTEL in BUENOS AIRES ARGENTINA- HOTEL & APART gives delivery and reception of fax service.

Guests arriving from other provinces of Argentina or from bordering nations with their own vehicle can leave their cars in our large car parking with a valet service inside the same building of TANGO BUENOS AIRES ARGENTINA HOTEL.

In case of health problems, the TANGO UNIVERSITY HOTEL provides medical attention for 24 hs.

You will have the opportunity to finish your day enjoying the pleasant massages sessions which are also relaxing and useful to eliminate contractures.

If you care about your body aesthetic and facial beauty for events you can be assisted by a personalized make up and cosmetology service.

Special mention must be made of our most charming night stay for the newly-weds. After the reception and before going on their honeymoon, the couple who have recently got married, may stay their first night in a room that is prepared with exquisite taste. They will be surprised at the bed of roses, a tray with chocolate candies, champagne toast, a special atmosphere with aromatic candles. Special wedding breakfast, check out late at four in the afternoon.

Your first wedding night in TANGO BUENOS AIRES ARGENTINA HOTEL- DOWNTOWN CAPITAL FEDERAL will be an indelible recollection.

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